You Are What You Eat: Fuel for Faith Moves Series

I (Candice) was having a conversation the other day with a  co-worker of mine. She was telling me how she loved milk but how it hurt her stomach so she had to limit the amount of dairy milk she consumed.

We began to discuss the science behind a1 and a2 milk and how a mutation in cows around 1200 years ago changed their milk from a2, which is much like human breast milk, to a1 which tends to be undigestable in many adults today.

She then informed me that when many adults, women especially, reach the age of twenty-five, their bodies no longer need milk and cease to produce the enzymes necessary to break it down and digest it.


Here is the truth of that last statement from a spiritual standpoint; we as Creatives in Christ are like the adults who at a more mature age, are no longer able to live on milk alone.

There comes a point in our faith walks that we as Creatives must mature in our Faith beyond just the ‘milk’ of the Word and accept nothing less than the ‘meat’ which enables us to be fueled and thrive.

Where the Lord wants to take each of us in our Creative calls far exceeds the nourishing powers of milk, even though it depends on that foundation.

What we consume on a daily basis, not just that which comes from the Word will determine how we think, who we believe ourselves to be, and thusly, what we are able to achieve.

Milk alone is not enough to strengthen us to take our Mountains (see Be Squared series). We need more (HEBREWS 5:13)!

You Are What You Eat is going to help us not to be picky eaters, but eaters with purpose.

Stay tuned for more coming next week.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

*Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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