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Weapons of Thanks-Giving by Bri Lassiter

By Bri Lassiter

I love Thanksgiving. It’s great, okay. I love the idea of taking a whole day to be thankful.
I like a whole day of celebrating with food and family. It’s polite and reasonable. Anyone can take one day of the year to be thankful.

But I want to talk for a minute about the heavy kind of thankfulness. This one’s messy and not pumpkin bedazzled. It can be ugly and painful and powerful. This kind of thankfulness is the kind you fight with and the kind you win with.

This kind of thankfulness is a practice and a difficult habit to form on the inside of you.

This is the kind of thanking you do to your Father when life sucks. When you are at THE END. When there are no answers from anywhere for you. When life is beating you up and only He knows. When you’re carrying around sorrow and pain or you’re still in the ‘not yet’ part of seeing your healing. When you’re fighting hopelessness and you’re not sure how to keep going on.

Yeah, right now is when you chin-up, grit your teeth, grab this weapon you probably didn’t think of and start giving thanks.

It’s not an easy weapon to use at first and you may not know how to use it in your big battles yet. That’s fine, every weapon needs to be learned. So learn it by practicing daily and often. Start small when you’re running late, or when you’re stressed and tired and just give thanks that you are here and alive.

You don’t have to get fancy just thank Him that you rolled out of bed. Try to thank Him for who He is to you and that He’s kind and always with you. Once you’ve mastered that and thanking is your habit you can go on to thanking Him when bigger things go wrong. It starts to become as natural as breathing.

I can hear you whining at me right now that, “This isn’t going to work, what is this going to do?

Come at me when you’ve made this your daily habit, okay? I get it because I thought the same things at first too. All I know is, it works. I’m all about that spiritual warfare that WORKS. And I’m sitting here telling you that thanks-giving WORKS.

It changes you and it changes your relationship with your Father. And when hopeless and helpless situations come along, if you have curated this habit, you’ll find yourself crying out in the middle of your anguish and pain to your Creator God with thanks for who He is, and what He has done, and what He has yet to do with you. And instead of giving in and giving up because it’s too much, you’ll find yourself renewed by the reminder of His love and kindness and you will find yourself speaking truth and faith over your entire being with every thanks you give.

Before you know it, in that situation that threatened to knock you down and take you out, instead you’ll grow stronger and be restored, just by giving thanks.

~Poiema, Poetry in Motion

*Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

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