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Discovering that Less truly is More: Part 2

Planting seeds would be a mess if we dug one hole, threw in every seed we had and hoped for the best. Sometimes we think that the more we have the better off we will be., or the more we do the more successful we are. Fortunately, and I mean, fortunately, that isn’t the case.

In most things in life, less truly is more. I am a person who does believe in the art of multi-tasking. If you provide childcare like I do at times, then this is a necessary art form.

But in cases of being creative in general and pursuing your vision, doing one thing or very few things at a time will often reap better results and a heartier harvest.

Some studies have shown in the case of online shops that ten is the magic number. When people are given too many items, they feel overwhelmed and will drift off to something else without actually buying anything even if they liked many things.

‘Less’ affords people the chance to be decisive without being left with the haunting feeling that they have missed out on something. When their options are limited, they can look objectively at what choices they have and make a more informed choice.

I believe the same holds true for our everyday lives. When we take on projects, when we have a lower number of them before us to complete, we are able to make more informed choices within each task.

“Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.” ~PROVERBS 16:3 NKJV

Taking on less allows us to create at peak because we aren’t spread too thin. It allows us to really focus on our craftsmanship with care but without the sense of overwhelm. We are better able to form a production system that works without wearing us out.

Are you taking on multiple projects in an attempt to achieve a desired goal? Are you striving to accomplish a vision that you have? Why not take a breath, take a step back, and if you haven’t already, ask the Lord what you need to put down for now and what you need to take up.

Remember, some visions are given to us at a specific moment in time, overlapping those we are already reaching for, as a promise for more in the future. They are not necessarily intended to be executed today. Sometimes they are seeded in us in the midst of one phase of creativity in order to prepare us for transition.

The wisdom comes in knowing where you are and what you need to do. That wisdom comes from a clear mind at rest that isn’t overwhelmed.

So, pray, seek the Lord’s face and instruction, and trust His guidance. This season may be one that requires less Juggling and business than you think.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

*Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson on Unsplash

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