Round 2 of Face Drawing

Last week I did a sketch of a woman’s face. And although I was pleased with overcoming the challenge of handling graphite, I was not satisfied with the end result as it compared to the image I was drawing from.

Today, rather than lean on my crutch of colored pencils, I pulled out my Creta color graphite pencils, opened that same photo, and spent nearly an hour working on the image…again.


What I ended up with today, to me, is a giant leap of improvement compared to the first attempt. The proportions are in line with the original image, which makes my soul happy.

I am gaining more confidence with drawing with graphite alone, which in my humble opinion, is a good foundation for drawing. I am eager to dive in and try some drawings and illustrations done with Copic markers, of houses as well as people. but all in time.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


6 thoughts on “Round 2 of Face Drawing

    1. 😀 Thank you! The first go at this, I allowed intimidation to block my sight. This time, I allowed my eyes to see the shapes and angles and shadows and didn’t psych myself out. I don’t know why, but if I were to paint this, the proportions wouldn’t be a problem at all. If I did this in colored pencil, the result would be vastly different as well. I need to write an article about how we can’t be good at everything with everything and graphite is definitely one of my not-the-best-at mediums lol.

      1. That’s interesting I’ve never thought that trying to create this a different way would yield different results. But then it will. Pencil drawing is about creating the shapes and shades to create the image with the right mood.

      2. LOL that is all true about pencil drawing. BUT it seems to be lost in translation between head and hand. I believe my discomfort causes the negative affects which yield the results I have had thus far. I am still not comfortable or confident with graphite. Vine charcoal, yes. Paint, obviously, ink, no problem…graphite…well, I am a work in progress.

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