Upon the Open Knight: Flash Fiction #AmWriting #Monday’sMuse #ScienceFantasy

He’d definitely found something. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he could just make out its silhouette under the blue-black blanket of night. His heart stopped when the light of his lantern stretched across it. 

“Lanny!” He all but shoved his voice through his throat, pushing it like a bully would another kid into a locker. “You need to see this!”

Slow as usual, Lanny Graves directed his mount to where Cedric’s light glowed in the darkness. Moving too slow for Cedric’s liking he hissed a curse and hollered again.

He heard the hoof beats of Lanny’s mount speeding forward. He felt them through the worn soles of his beats when he dismounted. He kept the light held high, made sure its beam stayed put even as he released his sidearm from its holster.

“What’s got you so scared?” Lanny teased.

“Quiet!” Cedric hissed back. He kept the light and his firearm aimed ahead but he jerked his head in the direction that Lanny has obviously missed.

Lanny’s quick plea to Jesus and the clumsy cross he made over his chest was sure evidence that what Cedric was seeing was not some trick of his eyes or an after effect of eating three-day-old pork and beans.

He might have thought he was dreaming but the throb behind his eyes, a familiar sign that a migraine was coming was testament enough that he was wide awake.

As sure as his name was Cedric Hays, laying in the patched earth on Circle B Ranch was a bloodied, pregnant woman in a crumpled suit of armor, her body half way in and half way out of what Cedric could only describe as a black vortex of death.

“Help me,” her words hissed out the moment her dull eyes snapped open.

A bullet burrowed itself a foot away from her head. Both Lanny and Cedric shouted in terror before the woman’s body came fully from the vortex and the dark hole around her faded from the night.


*I apologize for the abrupt ending but I feel like this little tale wants to go places that only a full-length novel can handle…no promises on that, but know that I am considering it! Nevertheless, I hope you were entertained by my results for Monday’s Muse May 8th, 2017. 

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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