Love Her Back: Micro Fiction

pexels-photo-168927“I think everyone wants to be in love, but I don’t think that love is meant for everyone.” She said the words with such finality even if she believed there was gentleness in them. Still, they cut just as sharp as the blade-branding-truth that reminded her she’d been rejected.

Keeping her back to her, she toyed with the ring between her fingers and felt the chiseled edges of stone and metal press into her flesh. The tangible symbol of commitment was supposed to have left its imprint upon the circumference of her ring-finger, not her fingertips.

Silently rebuking the tears that threatened to fall she slipped the ring back into the top drawer of her dresser.

Turning she met her friend’s pitying glance. She noted the way her expression said more than her words had; get over it, move on, accept your fate, you’re not marriage material.

Smiling she contradicted what she suspected was hidden beneath all of the silent admonishments lingering between them. “Love is for everyone. If it weren’t, Jesus would have never come to die on the cross.”

Sensing her friend’s brewing rebuttal she ended the conversation. She knew she meant well but she also knew she was coming out of a place of fear which she’d come to know was the greatest enemy of love itself; blinding the heart of possibility with the need to protect from pain and regret.

She’d decided she’d regret nothing. She would cry her tears, cry them until they’d dried and even through their rain she would continue to love and she would wait until the right man came to love her back.


*This is a free-flow write, written in the heat of the moment with limited editing.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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