Write Your Novel in 365 Days: My Results for Day 1

Hello, friends! I thought I would give you a bit of inspiration by sharing my results from day 1 of this creative writing challenge. We only have 364 days left to go!


A few things that I am doing as far as story structure goes:

  • I have collected 12 additional random words to create 12 parts to the story
  • First random word of the 12 is ‘Duck’ with ‘Major’ being the first word of the challenge for 365 days
  • The 12 sections are acting as journal entries written in first-person by the main character
  • I am using 7 days of writing to compile one complete chapter for a total of 52 chapters all total, with the final word for day 365 being used as an Epilogue since it starts a new week
  •  I am pretty certain my story is Science Fiction and Fantasy

Also, I don’t intend on sharing my results for every entry. But I may share pieces here and there.

To see the challenge rules and find out how you can get involved, click HERE.

Now without further ado here is the start of my story.

52 Weeks by Candice Coates


Week 1: Sitting Duck

This is a major problem. Closing my eyes, seeing darkness. Opening my eyes, seeing more darkness. The last thing that I remember was the ascent. I was traveling beyond warp speed. Blinding light filled the inside of my cabin with burning intensity. I felt the heat of it even on my teeth and tongue when my mouth was forced open from the terror.

            I can’t recall exactly what had terrified me; the speed, the light, or the shaking that rocked everything around and within me. For far too many moments, I was certain I was going to be torn apart. I would have been if not for the contradicting pressure that squeezed my insides until blood strained from my nostrils and into the gaps between my teeth.

            I do remember choking on my own saliva and iron. I remember a scream tearing upward from my lungs as if by force, Luther, my companion, being jettisoned from his water enclosure only to float dangerously upon the tides of zero gravity, water droplets floating around him, baiting him with the threat of death.

            I should have known better than to bring him with me. It was far too dangerous for me to go, the odds were worse for Luther, not to mention the waste of water. None of that matters now, the waste, the regret. Both of us are grounded in darkness. Where? I don’t know, but I feel as if we are little more than sitting ducks, lost in the darkness.

* That is it for day one. I am off to explore what is ahead for day two, with a goal of 200 words. I hope you are giving this challenge a shot and enjoying the creative journey.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


5 thoughts on “Write Your Novel in 365 Days: My Results for Day 1

    1. Happy New Year, Simon! Thanks so much for the compliment. I do hope it’s something you can do. I love how random words help with structure
      . My story is already budding more layers in my head and it will be interesting to see how the words fit in within the picture that I’m beginning to see 😀

  1. I’ve reblogged because this is too good not to share. Would you consider adding the link to the original post each time you offer a peek at your work in progress? Not sure if I’ll manage this the whole year, but I may try it. Thank you for sharing. Funny how doable this is when you break it down the way you have. 😀 😛 🙂

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