Warmth in Winter: Micro Fiction


Warmth in Winter: Micro Fiction

The heat of his hands upon the small of her back warmed through her dress sending a delighted shiver through her middle.

His warmth, the perfect contrast to the chilly winter day.

Her arms, that had once been wrapped around his neck in a slow dance now rested lazily, expectantly, just beneath his collar, hypnotized by the steady acceleration of his beating heart.

With bright eyes, glistening from the strings of white twinkle lights that shone round them, he looked upon her face, studied her lips until his lids slid to half mast.

And then with the gentle, and slow move of his finger beneath her chin, he coaxed her lips into a kiss with a heat that told that summer would come again.


~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


10 thoughts on “Warmth in Winter: Micro Fiction

      1. How about a baker’s dozen 😉 I understand the time issue. I’ve been working on other things to warp up this year and I haven’t been able to write like I want to. These little morsels of micro fiction soothe the need just a bit keeping me from going crazy.

    1. Than you so very much! I really appreciate your comment. Micro Fiction is becoming my new creative jam, you know the stuff in between the longer pieces of fiction. It’s the best kind of instant gratification. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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