Distance: Micro Fiction


Distance: Micro Fiction

She pressed her lips together and tried not to speak though the words pushed against the resistance of her tongue, making it ache.

All of her emotions seemed to crash together in that instance and wanted to pour from her like waves thrust forth by violent gales.

But she held back. Even as he stared at her, his honey-brown eyes easing away from the near molasses shade they had crept into upon the climax of their argument. There was nothing more left to be said, not for her.

The tension was far too thick the ends at which they each stood seemed for too distant to bridge, so silence remained her response. Silence and the sting of tears that turned her dark eyes glassy.

She attempted to turn away from him, watching the kaleidoscope of emotion play against the plains of his face lest the sob that was like a fist driving up her throat was given over to sound, but she couldn’t.

The dam broke the moment his hand found her nape and drew her forehead against the safety found in the hollow of his neck and shoulder. There she cried and there he held her, silent save for the kisses against her temple that told how he loved her.


~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER! 


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