Chapter 34: Ascension Graveyard by Candice Coates

Ascension Graveyard..jpg 2

Chapter 34

This was just great! Not only did Etta hate having to drive a manual transmission, but it was also raining out, which meant Kyle was going to be late to work and she was going to have to do a mad dash to get the store opened. It didn’t help at all that she was still fired up over Jørn. He had managed to completely avoid her that morning, slipping out for work during the few short hours of rest she had managed to take hold of.

Frustrated, she allowed herself a good fifteen-minute cry in the car before she made her way into the mall, shoving on a pair of large sunglasses that covered up most of her bruised face. She only lifted them up when she saw that the shop was already opened for business with Mr. Albert standing behind the counter drinking a cup of coffee.

“Well good morning to you too, Etta.” The sarcasm in his greeting was only overshadowed by the dip and pull of his ridiculous eyebrows.

Etta pushed her sunglasses over her head and studied the currents of light around him. The white streaks that had broken through the gray had multiplied, weaving their way around him, slowly overtaking the darkness. “What are you doing here?”

“I own this place. Clearly, you’ve forgotten.”

She shook her head. “I didn’t forget. You just told me that you weren’t coming in for a while, just yesterday actually. What gives?” She set her bag on the counter. “Did your master make you have a change of heart?”


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