(Un)Happiness: Flash Fiction Results for Monday’s Muse October 24th 2016


(Un)Happiness: Flash Fiction

So she was being a jerk, mocking the love-struck couple. They seemed happy and she was happy that the book blocked them from seeing how she made fun of them. Nasty break-ups had that effect on the romantic mind; turned it bitter.

She had gone from being a happy, doe-eyed romantic, to a cynic with just one single text.

A text! Six months of bliss and she was only worth a text? She’d had break-ups before. She’d loved and lost like many people her age. But she’d figured at thirty-one to his thirty-four that the roles of disengaging were obvious.

One did not end a romance with a text.

Now she started at the star-eyed couple gazing at one another the way she and Gage had once gazed at each other. Her focus shifted and she stared at the title in her hand. “Happy.”

She honestly had no idea what Alex Lemon had to say in that book but she realized that just as someone had chosen the bright yellow color as the cover so too had she chosen to be happy with Gage.

Truth was, he wasn’t perfect…or mature for his age. But she’d chosen to be happy with him just as she had chosen to be unhappy without him.

It was all her choice; happy, unhappy, yellow or some other less threatening color.

Her choice. Her happy or her unhappiness.


*Well there she is, my last installment of Monday’s Muse. My choice, my happy, my non-threatening color. Be of good cheer, if you are a fan of my writing, I will continue to weave stories hopefully on a daily basis but without the formality of Monday’s Muse. To see the original prompt for this post you can do so by clicking HERE

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER! 

*Original image taken from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/happy-book-67442/


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