Another Step: Flash Fiction Results for Monday’s Muse October 17th 2016


Another Step: Flash Fiction

The clouds seemed to open up right at the point of his desperation, casting a brilliant glow on the path that had seemed elusive and hidden for so long. Swallowing down the nerves that had cinched his throat, he convinced himself that all he had to do was take another step.

Another step. The thought of it appeared to be more easily said than done especially in light of the fact he’d twisted his ankle so badly nearly a mile back. The swelling pain was tolerable enough even though it had altered his gait and left him walking with a hitching step on tip-toes.

But the swelling, the thirst, the pain was all seen as sufficient exchanges for what he was gaining.

Throne’s Path, the fabled road that was said to only appear when the moons aligned once ever twenty years with the planet  Hidmal lay bright and open upon the dark terrain, right before his hungry eyes.

Legend told that King Hidmal, before his bitterness had grown beyond the size of the earth and had become as stone, a stone so large it erupted into its own planet, that he’d sworn none of his kin would rule from his throne that his kingdom would wane in darkness, hidden from the light of life.

But his youngest son, the one turned priest, had amended his father’s oath  pledging that upon each eclipse of his father’s stony heart, when the light dispelled the darkness, that the path to the throne would become visible to the eyes of the next noble king.

Illian had no desire to be anyone’s king. Nor did he believe himself to be king material, but he could not deny that he was ambitious. More so than that, he owed his debtors a king’s ransom one he’d either pay with his blood and bones or actual gold.

He’d chosen to pay in gold and took up the path of a fool’s errand chasing after Throne’s Path, a legend, a fable, but story clearly born from truth.

Afterall, Hidmal had no need for gold.

Pulling himself over another hurdle of large rock, Illian took another step.


I do hope you enjoyed the unraveling of the opening of this tale. These are my results for MONDAY’S MUSE OCTOBER 17th, 2016. To see original post and rules you can do so by clicking HERE. I have to confess that Illian has got my curiosity peaked. Will he find gold or will he find a winding path that continues to cost him more than he bargained for? Only time will tell, but I will give it much thought! 

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