Perfect: A Poem #Blogbattle Week 77


The seven letter word so easily spelled

And yet not easily achieved

Takes little faith and very view facts

For those dubbed ‘perfect’ to be believed

The perfect height

The perfect weight

The perfect slope of the nose

The perfect eyes

The perfect lips

The perfectly polished toes

The absurdity of our false perfection leaves so much left to be said

But in truth what we think to be perfect in humanity

Is really nothing but the imaginings in our heads

And really…it’s not so perfect

*This poem is my entry to #BlogBattle week 77 hosted by Rachael Ritchey! This week’s word: Perfect. My Genre:Non-Fiction. To read entries by other Battlers and to cast your vote for the winner of this week’s challenge, you can do so by clicking HERE

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER! 

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