Sleeping into Dreams: Results for Monday’s Muse Writing Prompt August 29th 2016


Sleeping into Dreams: Flash Fiction

The sun and the heat, dancing with the gentle bounce of the truck had lulled him into a hungry state for sleep, one that was too much to ignore. It didn’t matter anyway. He had no idea where he was or where exactly he was going.

Turning off the ignition, he rested his head against the steering wheel. He needed the rest. His mind had been cranking nearly as hard as the vintage gears of his late grandfather’s truck.

The old man had passed less than a week ago. Funny how his kids wanted to get everything over with as soon as possible, his aunt had said. They literally went through the old man’s good’s like a swarm of hungry locust.

He got the truck. He also got out of town.

It wasn’t his initial plan, to just up and leave. But his life had suddenly turned over on its head just as if a wild chance of lightening had struck. Oddly enough, the hard crack of lightening hitting the old oak tree out front, the sound of it, had given the old man a heart attack.

The jarring hit of it all still had his head spinning, and so he ran…drove away.

The truck wasn’t the only thing he’d gotten. The old man had given him half of his finances. He had raised him since he was eleven when his parents drowned on vacation.

Now, just barely twenty-three, he was in a similar state of greiving, feeling the sudden heat of change and the desire to sleep it off.

He had just shy of six figures boiling in his bank account and that was only what the old man had left him.

He figured he’d sleep himself into a dream, dream up a plan and go from there.


*These are my free flow writing results for Monday’s Muse August 29th, 2016. Thank you for reading. To give the writing prompt a try, click the above link.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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