And He Was Lovely: Romantic Words

The ache ran deep for him. She felt it clear in her middle and even as it radiated outward into every part of her, tickling her heart.

There was a part of her that mistook the feel of it, the scent of what was growing inside her as nothing but anxiety, anxiety for the absence of a man she’d never known. But her soul and spirit knew him and thus she ached for him in only a way loneliness could describe.

Yet, she banished the anxiety and renamed the presence inside her ‘hope,’ and not just hope but ‘reminder.’ She was being reminded that although love had never resided with her in this way before that it was sure to come. And soon she’d know his name.

He was the one for which the hole in her heart had been carved, and the ache born. Yes, he was the one she’d prayed for and he was lovely.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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