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5 Benefits of Participating in Writing Prompts: Wisdom from the Writer’s Journal

Writer's TableWriting prompt: (In my opinion is) The Creative springboard or theme from which a story is directed or born…In less fancy words, it is a writer willingly giving up creative control of their imaginative ideas in order to grow through the ‘prompting’ of someone else’s.

I don’t know about you, but I really love writing prompts. Writing prompts do two things simultaneously; they cause us to surrender control while incubating our process in a controlled environment.

Writing prompts create boundaries while enabling us to write with inhibition of our previously set creative  ‘boundaries.’

Through them, we sample other flavors of genre and creativity while learning to laugh again, gaining a creative adrenaline boost that comes from facing a challenge, whether it’s through the boundaries of a time-limit, word limit, or even theme or opening lines.

If you want to grow your creative writing muscles, keep them toned, participate in a weekly writing prompt.

Here are 5 benefits of doing so:

1. You know that you will have something to write about: Sometimes it seems our creative wells run dry. We have the itch to write but no idea what to write.

Participating in a weekly writing prompt ensures that you will always have an idea to springboard from, a starting place.

2. Not knowing exactly what you will write about, week to week, keeps you sharp: Knowing that there will be a writing prompt but not knowing what it is exactly, builds your creative reflexes, keeps you excited and hones your skills, mongoose-like writing skills (whatever that is like.)

You become accustomed to readying yourself for whatever curveball may come your way.

Check out these reflexes. This guy, Evan Longoria, is SHARP! Write like he catches! Be ready for anything. Be Evan Longoria.

3. Writing Prompts loosen you up and ready you to try new things with your writing: If you aren’t like me, genre-jumping isn’t your thing. You might just be a genre purist, but hey romance writer, unicorns and aliens fall in love too.

Try a prompt that takes you out of your comfort zone.

4. [While doing a prompt] You are less inclined to take yourself too seriously thus you are able to better enjoy the fruits of your labor as anything can come from a writing prompt: As with any craft, one can become stiff, locked in a cycle of ‘perfection’ or ‘status quo.’

Writing prompts break that down. They don’t destroy our expectations but they enlighten and heighten them, reminding us that we always have somewhere to grow.

5. You may get a great short or even a full-length novel idea from doing one: What may start out as a simple exercise can turn into a great novel.

Writing prompts have the potential to draw out of us fresh creative water that has always been inside us, we just didn’t know it until we took up the challenge to find it.

Bonus:  By participating in [weekly] Writing Prompts you have the opportunity to build a great writing community with others who are also  faithful participants!

Bonus Bonus!: Community leads to excellent constructive feedback and support, and we all need that!

If you are interested in doing a Weekly Writing Prompt, check out BlogBattlersit’s a great community with faithful creative writer’s tackling random word writing prompts. You can also try my prompts, Monday’s Muse, a weekly prompt that gives the opening line and image with a 20-minute writing window for you to create a story. There are also a few others you can explore on my blog by clicking HERE. 

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

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Founder of "I came for the soup...", Candice Coates is a Fiction and Non-Fiction Writer, jumping from genres ranging from her most beloved genre, Speculative Science Fiction and Fantasy to Comedic Clean Read Romance and Suspense Thrillers, all with touches of her Christian faith. She is a lover of Ireland, languages, tea, and just about anything with pistachios. When not writing she is working on creating visual art.


    • Thank you, ZurkPoetry! I am glad you got something out of this post and that you like the prompts. Great things can come out of them even if it’s only a lovely excise.

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