As an Eagle in Flight: Flash Fiction

Her toes clawed the earth, dug into the soil like determined roots. Her muscles strained and her tendons drew taught like skins stretched over the mouth of a drum. She pushed until sweat pressed from her pours like oil from crushed olives.

She would not be moved.

Bearing down, tasting the sweat that seeped between her clenched teeth, she thrust her shoulder deeper into his belly. If need be, she’d run him over the cliff. She’d even go with him to save her land.

She grunted against her enemy’s champion, felt her hands lose purchase against his slick muscles. If not for the many scars she would have likened them to fine marble.

In that moment, the man had gone from being a movable mountain to the very milestone that would crush her.

She tried to latch on to him again, push him away with all her might, but the ground had been lost. She knew it. Worse, so did he.

Shoving her hands away he thrust his open palm against her abdomen sending her hurling backward, feet over head in a winded tangle of frustration and tears.

The horn sounded. The battle was over. Her family hung their heads in shame.

She didn’t bother to rise, only held her tender ribs. Had her enemy not spoken she would have never risen again.

“To lose a battle is not to lose the war,” He said, pulling her up by her arm. The movement was suddenly more agonizing than the loss itself. His hand upon her only served as a sign that they were now in bondage, their land lost, their chains invisible, but their freedom as lofty as an eagle in flight.

He cupped the nape of her neck and whispered his finish in her ear, “Consider your bondage the intermission to a greater journey ahead.”

Smiling he walked away, giving her  his back as the others put her arms in chains.


*This is  free flow writing exercise. The only corrections made are those of glaring grammar issues. I hope you enjoyed it.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


2 thoughts on “As an Eagle in Flight: Flash Fiction

  1. Like the whole thing. Needs a little fleshing to be a novel start, but a solid short as it is.

    “If not for the fine many scars she would have likened it to fine marble.” I really like this line. Very tactile. Tactile is hard.

    “feet over head in a winded tangle of frustration and tears.” I’m 100% with this until “-and tears”. Maybe just me, but I think the line works better with just frustration, perhaps because it’s expressing a moment in a fight, and those should be shorter and harder.

    1. Well it was written in five minutes so there’s only so much to make of it just yet. But with all first ‘drafts’ or story concepts, it will need a bit of tightening or loosening to reach its best potential. Glad you liked it.

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