On a Wing & a Prayer: Flash Fiction Results for Monday’s Muse July 25th 2016


On a Wing & a Prayer: Flash Fiction

Had things gotten so bad that she was actually considering kissing a frog? 

Yes, they absolutely had and there was no turning back now. She’d already considered all of her options…which proved to be slim to none and yet time was definitely running out.

Desperate times had called for such desperate measures that she had even gone as far as to perch herself right on the slimy nose of a frog ready to plant her very first kiss.

By the look in his bulbous eyes, he was probably thinking she was nothing more than dinner. She had to make this quick.

The reality was, she was enjoying her sabbatical. Life as a flighty winged creature was far easier than being who she really was; scullery maid number 339. She didn’t even have a name.

Well, she had a name, Aldover Gilacutty…Aldover, that was how it ended up being pronounced later on. Really what she was named was ‘All over’ because that is what her father said when she was born, “Dear Lord, my life is all over!

Why? Because she had been born the eleventh girl to a lowly cobbler who needed a strong strapping son to take up the family business, not another girl to wear his work before he made a single cent from sales.

Life could be cruel sometimes.

Short on his tax payment, her father sold Aldover  to the palace where she became scullery maid 339. Basically, she was a drab shadow that no one ever noticed. It stood to reason no one noticed her. Her father had sold her without a second thought, and her sisters had forgotten who she was.

Aldover simply wanted more out of life, even if life as an insect would be shorter than that of a human, thus she kind of stole a potion and turned herself into a butterfly…really she was more of a fancy moth compared to other butterflies but she was enjoying her new life.

But with all potions, there was that darned time limit and hers was drawing to a head. Good thing she’d learned to read fine print. It was common knowledge that a kiss could transform you back into a human, but that was when another human offered you, the morphed creature, a smooch.

Aldover figured if she kissed another creator as the morphed being then perhaps she would stay the same while they became human in her place. Dancing on the frogs nose, it was now or never, test her hypothesis or end it all by becoming a quick snack.

Tipping her nose down and letting out a breath she planted a kiss that she hoped and prayed would change everything.


* I hope you enjoyed the start of this. I know I did. There is nothing quite as satisfying than writing an easy story that makes your heart smile. And, yes, I will be writing more. I can’t leave Aldover hanging on a wing and a prayer. These are my results for MONDAY’S MUSE JULY 25th 2016. To see the rules and give the writing prompt a try yourself, you can do so by clicking HERE.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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