How He Sees Us: A Question of Posture Pt 9

If My People Pray

Have you ever really taken a moment to consider how many different culture groups there are in this world? Have you ever stopped to think about the vast number of languages, traditions, codes of etiquette that exist?

Trying to calculate the near innumerable amount of differences that distinguish one people group from another only makes recognizing the Powerful 3 that bind us together so much more glorious and beautiful!

No matter where you go in this world, no matter your ethnicity or overall tradition, there are 3 very powerful Love Languages that we all speak and understand fluently:

  • FOOD
  • SONG
  • LOVE

Food, food is the singular most precious and recognized expression of provision and care. We all seek this (for obvious reasons) and we find ourselves at peace and, if the food is cooked just right, joyful!

Song, song/music translates as a soothing expression of praise that calms us all but it also…

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