Desperate Waters: Results for Monday’s Muse Writing Prompt July 18th 2016


Desperate Waters: Flash Fiction

The sight was satisfying almost good enough to drink. The trek there had been long and arduous but they still had further to go. Looking back at her companions, noticing the longing in their eyes, she warned them not to drink the water.

It had been only a half day since most of their canteens had run dry. What was left of their life source was reserved for specific positions of the sun, moments when the clouds waned thin and the scorching heat all but sapped her and her companions dry.

Unlike them, the family she’d spirited away from the war camp, she had been trained to withstand such conditions. Only the strongest, most hale and resilient were honored to be soldiers in the Ubrain army.

The family, Talvians, they had not experienced such training, but they had been trained for survival in other ways. Nearly a month’s journey by foot from their native land, trapped under the reign of a king who held ought against their people, they’d learned the surest way for a Talvian to survive in the Realm of Ubraia was to do so in the shadows.

For three centuries, even in the face of their dwindling numbers had they done so. But the youngest ruler of Ubraia had sent fire even into the deepest darkness to drive them out.

Talvia, with cat-like speed, took a firm grip on the Mildreath’s wrist. Mildreath, the mother of the family, belly swollen with child all but cried out. Thirst was all over her face. Talvia loosened her grip.

“Take my water, Midreath, but don’t drink this,” She let her eyes scan the rushing waters at her feet. “The river runs green. It’s been poisoned.” Swallowing down the dryness that had strained her own throat, she pushed her canteen to Mildreath’s chapped lips.

They were close to Lithia. Lithians had little care for anyone. Lithians ruled the Frake.

Talvia’s heart ached inside of her for their plight. The last of the free Talvians in the Realm of Ubraia, sentenced to death, pushed the fringes of thirsty desperation to the point they would willingly drink of poisoned water.

Talvia, named after the people most hated in her land, named by a grandmother who claimed her a wicked curse, felt a comradery with the people she’d stolen away, so much so that she’d made herself a traitor to her own people by sparing their lives.

Pinching her eyes closed and shifting her sword at her side she trudged further through the green waters. They still had a very long way to go if they were to reach safety and they hadn’t even crossed the borders of Lithia.

THE END… For now

*MONDAY’s MUSE WRITING PROMPT  JULY 18th 2016 RESULTS. I hope you enjoyed this snippet of a Fantasy Tale that I intend to write in the future. I will keep you posted in the future. In the meantime, follow the above link if you’d like to give this writing prompt a try!

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


7 thoughts on “Desperate Waters: Results for Monday’s Muse Writing Prompt July 18th 2016

    1. 😀 that is the plan. I don’t think it will be shared on the blog BUT as I write it I can email you my progress and would love to get your feedback. I’ll keep you posted if you are interested.

      1. Awesome! As I said, not sure how soon I will have something solid to read but I will keep you posted. It’s actually a prequel to another book that I’ve been working on here and there. Don’t you just love how ideas overlap 🙂

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