Where is Your Faith?: A Question of Posture Pt 4

Faith Walk. What is your identity in Yeshua Jesus? Take a look!

If My People Pray

Welcome to Part 4 of the “Postures” series. the Faith Walk edition. If you’ve missed the first three installments  titled “Prayer Walk,” check them out here, Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

“In order for us to pray from Faith and Wisdom, we have to be rooted in the Word. If we aren’t growing in the knowledge of His Word, then our revelation of Him and who we are in Him can become redefined by circumstances, faulty logic, and well, Fear and Worry.”~Part 3

Taking hold of the statement above may be a bit hard for some of us to do, especially when we are grappling with the accusations that come from the enemy of our souls after we have stumbled into sin and missed the mark.

Our hearts do want to walk blamelessly before Him…

Sometimes it is easier…

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