Where is Your Faith?: A Question of Posture Pt3

Continuation of the Postures series, Faith Walk. Check it out!

If My People Pray

Welcome to Part 3 of the “Postures” series. If you’ve missed the first two installments  titled “Prayer Walk,” check them out here, Part 1 & Part 2.

Let’s quickly recap what we’ve discussed thus far. The question that began this journey is:

  • When  you approach Yeshua Jesus in prayer, are you being guided by “Fear” or“Faith,”“Worry” or “Wisdom”?


  1. That to pray from Fear and Worry is to pray from the posture of an orphan, one who isn’t conscious of their position in their Heavenly Father as His beloved child.
  2. Prayers guided by Fear and Worry come from a deep-rooted uncertainty that regarding not only is God willing to move on our behalf but from a questioning tone that wonders “Is He even interested, is He listening and should I even approach Him at all?”
  3. We discovered that to pray from Faith and Wisdom is…

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