How Are You Praying?: A Question of Posture Pt 1

Ever wondered how you should approach Yeshua Jesus when you pray? Take a look at part 1 of “How are You Praying?” And be sure to follow the If My People Pray blog!

If My People Pray

Prayer. It is more than just a religious act of acknowledging a power greater than yourself. For the Redeemed, prayer is, or rather should be, an authentic conversation with our Beloved Father, Friend, and Savior, Yeshua Jesus.

The Word ensures us that “…The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (JAMES 5:16) We who have accepted the free gift of salvation through the finished work of Yeshua Jesus ARE now the righteousness of God the Father (II CORINTHIANS 5:21)This means that when we pray there is power. There is authority.

Let that sink in.

Thinking about prayer and its power and its importance in the life and relationship of a Believer, I want you to ask yourself this question about your own prayer life and prayer posture:

  • When  you approach Yeshua Jesus in prayer, are you being guided by “Fear” or “Faith,”“Worry” or “Wisdom”?


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