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3 Simple Rules of Writing Well: Wisdom from the Writer’s Journal

Being a committed writer requires the following of 3 simple rules. Some might think they are related to grammar, or content, or even word count.

Although all these things have their precious place, they are NOT the most important rules of writing.

Rule Number 1. WRITE: Yes, that’s right. It’s your right to write, so write!

It sounds like an easy thing to do, but if you’ve spent any length of time polishing your craft and you realize that you do have other life obligations to attend to, you already know that writing is not as simple as it sounds.

Rule number 2. WRITE DAILY: Again with those life obligations like eating, bathing, working…These things are necessary but they eat into our time. Thus, we have to make writing daily a priority if we are ever to finish any project.

Rule number 3. WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW: This happens to be my favorite because when you think about it, the concept of ‘writing what you know’ for a fiction writer, especially those of us who focus on science fiction or fantasy, MAKES NO SINCE!

So, here is my interpretation of the old adage. You know you enjoy imagining new possibilities and angles. You have a believable idea for time travel or vampires. Write it! You’ve meditated on it long enough and are now familiar with the concept. You know it. So write it.


Hey, if you read all the bold ‘writes’ in order, including the bonus, it sounds like a lovely poem. That is a bonus indeed!

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~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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