More to the Man: Microfiction Results for Monday’s Muse June 27th 2016


More to the Man: Microfiction

He was such a clever man. Smart in every way, even down to the precise way he tied his shoes. It made her wonder how she ever ended up with him.

She wasn’t judging. At least that wasn’t her intention. She just imagined that a less ‘precise’ person would better handle this job. She glanced down at her own clothing. She was neatly put together in a more let’s-have-a-play-day kind of way.

Rompers were her favorite. Had been since her childhood, especially the brightly colored ones. She was beyond excited that they’d made a comeback into the fashion world.

Some people believed that beer was a sign God loved them. She knew that His decision to bring back the mighty romper was more accurate.

“Ready?” He asked her, his blue eyes brightened with his query. For the first time, she noticed the tiny specks of brown that freckled them. In truth, she’d never noticed his eyes at all. Not until that day.

She’d actually only noticed his crispness and nothing else, assuming one thing about him rather than another. The truth of it embarrassed her.

“Absolutely.” She gave him a smile and tried to hold down the flush that had painted her cheeks. Clearly, there was more to the man than fine shoes and perfect hair.

He’d volunteered for this position, one that several of their co-workers had shunned. He clearly had an open heart, that, and incredible blue eyes.


* These are my results for Monday’s Muse, June 27th, 2016. To see the original prompt and rules, and maybe even see what your imagination creates by giving it a shot yourself, you can do so by clicking HERE.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


2 thoughts on “More to the Man: Microfiction Results for Monday’s Muse June 27th 2016

    1. Thank you, Tess! It is funny how you start off thinking you are going to write one thing and your creative voice changes the key and produces something different. I’m glad it worked.

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