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7 Ways You Know its Time to Explore a New Writing Genre

Writer's TableWhen we finally heed the great call to be a word-weaving fiction writer, one of the first things we do is take up the mantle of  a specific genre.

For some writers, one road, one genre, is all we need to feel fulfilled and a success in our craft.

For others of us, we start with tunnel vision, focused solely on a specific genre only to find our ‘vision’ to blur and we begin to see double or even more than double.

What’s going on?

What may be happening is that our creativity is developing and expanding from a one-way road to a multiple lane highway.

One genre just won’t do. Our creative juices need more avenues through which to flow.

Here are 7 signs that show us its time to try a new genre on for size:

1. Your current genre seems to be in a rut and your creativity is hinting at spicing things up a bit by adding a touch of another genre. 

For example, science fiction alone was great, but for some reason, you feel like throwing a unicorn into the mix. Hint, that is a touch of fantasy.

2. You find that you like the new genre’s addition to your story and can’t help but polish those parts of your story more than the others.

The unicorn has taken over and there are rainbows all over the place! Don’t panic. Unicorns can still fly spaceships and fight aliens. It’s your creative moment at work after all.

3. You find that your new and different genre has gone from being a side topic in your current genre fiction to trying to take over completely. 

The unicorn has retired from space travel and is now traipsing about in an enchanted forest. Talk about plot twist.

4. You find yourself suddenly curious about why people are reading said genre even though you’ve never really read it.

Unicorns were never your thing. Sure, you were familiar with them but even with your new experimenting with fantasy writing, you were really only playing it by ear.

5. Curiosity has led you to sample the genre stew, read the works of others.

You currently have 10 Fantasy titles added to your ‘wish list’ through your Overdrive app on your Kindle.  This does not include the 5 you’ve already finished in the past month or the 7 you have as active downloads.

* For those of you who don’t know, Overdrive is an awesome worldwide library app that allows you access to thousands of ebooks via worldwide libraries and its FREE! 

6. Sadly, nothing you’ve read has scratched this strange ‘itch’ you’ve suddenly acquired for this new genre so you find yourself still being bombarded by the possibilities of the genre but unfulfilled because no one has hit the mark.

Your list of borrows from the library continues to grow, but your frustration with not having your curiosity sated only expands with the mounting pile of hardcopy books or the lack of memory on your eReader.

7. You suddenly realize that no one has hit the mark because YOU are the one meant to shake up that genre, give it a new look and new angle.

I mean who else thought about having a Unicorn battle space aliens before retiring to the open pastures of Rainbowtopia? No one but YOU! And somehow it works!

Bonus: You realize trying this new genre is the perfect marriage of something old meeting something new. You are now able to explore your writing while also bringing in your skills from your mother-genre…or mothership…depending on who is telling the story.

Overall it’s a win-win, for your creativity and your genre worlds. Word-weaving is all about trying new things, ‘painting the pictures’ with new words, while bringing ‘happy’ to the lives of your readers.

Trying a new genre helps you do just that.

By the way, if you are guilty of all 7 signs, congratulations! You’ve already done your exploring-a-new-writing-genre homework.

Happy Creative Writing and Genre exploration, Unicorns!

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


  1. Oh, I really loved this post. I had this issue a few years back when I swapped from paranormal romance to fantasy. I couldn’t think straight, I kept deviating… and finally I just made a hard right turn into Fantasy and wrote a 100k word novel that I really enjoyed. I’ve always played in different genres, but I got so stuck in the mindset that you specialize in one genre, that I forgot how fun it is to play around.

    Great post ❤

    • 😀 So glad to hear a testimony about this happening and the success that can come from going on the genre jumping ride. I have experienced this in my writing as well as my visual art. I used to be strictly sci-fi but then fantasy started creeping in and then romance and other genres so I know make time to focus on the stories themselves and not so much the genre they fit in. Thanks for reading.

  2. Loved this! The separate pages were a little confusing, but your comment helped me along and I have successfully been genre-ifically inspired! 🙂

    • AHAHAHA! I am so glad you liked it and that you have been inspired. I shall remove the page breaks then since another reader made a similar comment. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      • *Blushing” 🙂 thank you! And yes it would make better sense having it right below the content not EVERYTHING else.

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