Chapter 27: Ascension Graveyard by Candice Coates

Ascension Graveyard..jpg 2

Chapter 27

The Encounter Blog interview with Etta Castle Teague

HL: You trust Jørn, but you haven’t given him the same level of trust.

ECT: I have my reasons.

HL: I’m sure you do. It just doesn’t seem very loving.

ECT: Love has many expressions, Hard Lines. It can be such a beautiful thing, especially when it’s in its bud of life. It can also burn if we aren’t careful. Unfortunately, no one ever is. Too bad it doesn’t come in cups with caps that read, “Caution! Contains Hot. Will Burn if not careful.” I suppose no one would be so willing to indulge if there weren’t those thrilling risks involved.

*          *          *

Baldwin held onto his chest and forced himself to breathe. He was still standing in Etta’s office, right behind the chair that Mr. Albert had been seated in when he opened his eyes.

How long had he been standing there, alone? His disappearing wasn’t so much of a shock to him. It had slowly been happening, it was just more frequent as of late. What shocked him was the growing loss of time and the inexplicable reason for it happening.

He couldn’t blame it on what the Pulse had done. He just hoped what happened to them at the Yard hadn’t made things worse.

He stepped forward and looked at the face of Etta’s cell phone. An hour, he had been standing there for an hour, except he hadn’t been there. He had fallen asleep again. That was twice in the span of a couple of days. He didn’t know what it meant, but he knew it made him panic. He hadn’t slept since the accident. He certainly hadn’t dreamed.


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