Chapter 26: Ascension Graveyard by Candice Coates

Ascension Graveyard..jpg 2

Chapter 26

“I just want to know that you have what you need and that you move carefully.”

Michael’s jaw clenched. “I’m a surgeon, Pastor Wesley. I have made a career off of moving carefully.” Michael didn’t mean to come off cold. He understood Wesley’s nervousness. He was having fits of his own.

Silence answered him before there was another response. “I didn’t mean any harm, Michael. I just don’t want any mishaps. Etta got away last time, twice actually. I don’t want it to happen again.”

Michael turned his tea saucer at Dahlia’s against the cool marble table top of the booth he waited in. He was waiting for Rachel, not just because Pastor Wesley had motives for leading her down a certain direction, one that would ultimately expose Etta Castle Teague for what she was, but because he had a genuine interest in the woman. Both men had their reasons for doing what they were doing. Michael just needed to make his clear. More so he needed to do it without being snappy.

“Pastor, I need you to know why I’m doing the things you’ve asked of me. I’m doing this because I believe in what we stand for. I’ll speak to Jørn about coming to a meeting when I next see him because I know he is a Christian and he needs to be in community. I will speak to Rachel as soon as she arrives because we are all against ascensions and the evil it brings out of people. That being said, because I believe, I intend to do my absolute best, when I speak to both of them, to ensure the desired results. But that doesn’t mean that I’m willing to jeopardize my chance with Rachel in the process.”


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