Chapter 25: Ascension Graveyard by Candice Coates

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Chapter 25

The Encounter Blog interview with Etta Castle Teague

HL: Let’s talk about people for a second. We can be the scariest beings of all, in my opinion.

ECT: I agree. It’s a good thing the TOWES didn’t have the same understanding. I truly don’t understand why THEY just don’t kill them, the Rejects that is. Ascension Rejects, for some reason, seem to be less inclined to follow the sway of the T.O.W.E.S and the event boundaries after being rejected. That is very dangerous business. If the T.O.W.E.S had been here since the dawn of time, as They claim, then They would know the danger of Their negligence. The ‘ignored’ always have some trick up their sleeve. That’s very scary business.

*          *          *

Talitha strangled the television remote in her brother’s apartment. She was furious. She’d had enough of gorging on the news, listening to the idiotic people of Greenwich Pass either arguing the disgusting need for the sequence and ascension or hailing Etta Castle-Teague as some hero for the masses. If Etta were the hero they suddenly claimed she was, if she were as good as some of these people were saying, then Donald would have never ascended, and Talitha wouldn’t be left to clean out his apartment, alone.

Funny how some of the same people who knew Etta was a murderer, knew she had done something awful to her boyfriend, Baldwin Falk all those years ago, were now acting as if none of it had ever happened. They were even talking as if Baldwin Falk were still alive!

“What is WRONG with you?!” Talitha growled, pressing the ‘power’ button on the remote with far more force than was necessary to shut it off. Every second she spent in Donald’s apartment made her feel trapped and helpless, not being out on the street, patrolling made her feel powerless and out of control. But Sergeant Henley had insisted that she take a few days off, said she needed it.

How did he know? His twin brother hadn’t been made into a lamb for the slaughter. He didn’t even have a brother.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 25: Ascension Graveyard by Candice Coates

    1. 😊 I’m glad you appreciate her crazy frustration. And thank you for reading along. I already see where I need to trim and tighten this manuscript but I need to get to that long awaited “the end” I have been striving for for three years. 😉

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