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The Origin of Ideas & How I Capture Them: Guest Post with Simon

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Wisdom From the Writer’s Journal. This week I have the pleasure of passing the ‘pen & pad’ to my blogging pal, Simon of Planet Simon.

Just to get you all acquainted, Simon would like to share a bit about himself, and how you can get in contact with him.

SimonI’m Simon and I’m an engineer from the UK who’s recently found a love of writing. I write for mainly the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. I currently have no books to my name but I’m writing short stories and perfecting my craft as I go.


I’m currently working on my first book but as this is new and I’m trying to do this right progress is slow. But I’m always having new ideas and making sure I keep them safe so that one day I can turn the seed into a great tree!

Links to find me are:

Planet Simon- www.sfarnell.wordpress.com


For my email – come and visit my sites, where you should find my email on my contact pages.

The Origin of Ideas & How I Capture Them by Simon

Before I started writing and blogging I was still a keen listener of music, I was into pop a bit but it never made me get ‘that feeling’.

I loved big orchestras playing big music, especially for movie themes and I would listen and imagine great wizards, dragons, battles of old and adventures to places never before seen or thought of. It stirred my soul.

I’ve often mentioned my love of Epica and two steps from hell. Listening to this brought me to places never before thought of and ideas that I thought I should write down.

I left them. Some of the ideas stayed and some have gone forever. I eventually started writing them down in an app from Google called KEEP. It syncs with all my devices and I can keep them safe.

It might be that you have a pad and paper, but whatever happens, keep it close and write those ideas down.

Today’s seed is tomorrow’s tree. Don’t worry if they change, they will. But write it down or you will forget!

Not all my ideas come from music, some are from thoughts, concepts and random things I’ve thought of and developed. But writers, you must keep them safe. They are yours to nurture.

So to recap on Simon’s behalf: 

  1. Ideas can come from anywhere especially music: Find what inspires you most and run with it.
  2. Never let an idea drift away: Use whatever resources you have, from pen and pad, to cool apps like ‘Keep’ to store them for later.
  3. Never underestimate a creative idea: Something small today can become a big adventure tomorrow!

Thanks again, Simon, for your words of wisdom! Until next time, folks!

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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  2. Good advice. “Keep” sounds like an interesting thing, although I’m not quite prepared to give up my index card filing system. 😉

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