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5 Ways You Know That Your Current Manuscript is Golden

Golden ManuscriptAre you writing a novel? Have you tried to in the past? Then you already know the emotional rollercoaster you put yourself on each time your fingers touch your keyboard.

Rollercoasters. You either love them or hate them, but one thing most people have when they are disembarking from the up and down journey is a feeling of satisfaction for having taken the challenge.

Here are 5 feelings or ways, we writers know that our writing journey and our current manuscript has been a GOLDEN one and that we have met our challenges with victory.

1. When the majority of your Beta-Readers have given you at least 4 out of 5 stars after they’ve read it and you still have revisions yet to do to turn it into a 5 star word-woven masterpiece.

2. Your story no longer feels like a soup stock missing some unknown ingredient to make it better. The taste is spot on and makes you hungry for more.

3. You’ve managed to have peace over the lines and scenes you were instructed to either trash or expand. Whichever side of the revising spectrum you were on, you feel good about the results.

4. You smile each time you open the document and no longer cringe, wondering if it is all worth it.

5. The feeling of shame and the need to make excuses for your manuscript when others ask to read it is no longer something you do.

They ask to read your piece and you’re either like ‘ Sure’  or, ‘Join my mailing list, read a few sample chapters and I’ll let you know when you can get the eBook.’

BONUS: You feel absolutely peaceful and victorious about the job well-done, and are looking forward to tackling another writing adventure once you have this puppy polished and published!

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    • Lol I love that you were keeping such similar hours to myself. And I’m glad this made you happy. I’ve gotten to the place where I’m determined to really focus on the infinite good. Writing a novel as you know is a journey. We have to celebrate the milestones whenever the come 🙂

      • 😀 haha yes, the wee hours. Goodness is worthy of our focus and attention. Keep on the path, my friend. I’m glad to be on the journey with you and celebrating every milestone we come to!

  1. Yes it is! I’ve been reminding myself to focus on the good. Actually had to do so first thing this morning. Thank you for your encouragement you know it means a lot. 😘

    • Yes! Things are going well. I’m kinda at a crossroads with one book but its a good crossroads I suppose 😉 Ps. I had to ‘approve’ your comment which means WP has removed you from my ‘follow’ list. Don’t break up with my blog, E! Don’t do it lol

      • Lol, I won’t let WP break up our friendship! WP is jealous of us.
        It let’s me follow you, but I guess it doesn’t want you following me. 😛 Who knows what WP is thinking!

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