“She” Oil Painting: A Study in Fingerpainting

She Finger Painting
Copyright Candice Coates 2016

She: Oil Finger Painting

Browsing through the internet, I somehow stumbled upon the artist, Iris Scott. Watching her technique and listening to her story of how she became a Finger painter in oils, sparked a grand, and yet familiar, curiosity within me.

I began to remember, half my life ago, standing in an AP art class my senior year of high school, with the assignment of creating an oil painting.

I remember being frustrated with my brushes and deciding to use my fingers instead. (This is not that painting.) Watching Iris create colorful wonder with her fingers pushed me to retrace my steps in creativity.

Thus, She, was born.

She is a 5×7 inch oil on canvas, done completely with my fingers. I’ll admit, painting on such a small area with my fingers alone presents its own level of challenges, but the freedom of creative release outshines them.

To see the work of Iris Scott, you can do so by visiting www.irisscottfineart.com.

Me, I totally intend to further explore this technique and see what happens. There is such a wide breadth of expression between this form of painting and the previous paintings (you can find those HERE) I’ve done and shared on this blog. Though different, they all give the same results when completed…HAPPINESS!

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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