Sugar: Microfiction Results for Monday’s Muse May 23rd 2016


Sugar: Microfiction Romance

The kiss came as a surprise, one she felt clear down to her toenails even though it was gentle as a whisper. She hadn’t seen him in months, not since her brother’s engagement party, before that she hadn’t seen him since they were kids.

Izzi, Israel Darlton, used the same gentleness that he had employed to kiss her, in pulling away. Madison drew in her lips, her gaze locked on his, the sweet taste of his sugary espresso lingered on her lips.

She preferred her coffee with cream only, but she found she didn’t mind the sweet taste at all after Izzi’s impromptu kiss.

“Sorry,” he said, dropping his eyes. A rush of red crawled up his neck and blossomed on his tanned face. Madison felt her cheeks blush too. Out of all of her brother’s childhood friends, Izzi was the only one who’d never teased her. Truly, he never even looked her direction.

At least that is what she’d believed until a few moments ago when he’d openly shared the crush he’d had on her since they were kids. Then came the kiss, the one that left her craving another. Her blush deepened.

“Don’t apologize,” Was all she could manage to say before taking another sip of her coffee. The sugarless brew made her mouth dip at the corners.

She was suddenly missing the added sweetness Izzi had shared. Feeling embolden she leaned forward and helped herself to a bit more of his sugar.


*Love is such a wonderful thing! I so enjoy writing about it. I hope you enjoyed my results for Monday’s Muse Writing Prompt May 23rd, 2016. To see the original prompt and rules, click the above link.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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