Chapter 19: Ascension Graveyard by Candice Coates

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Chapter 19    

The Encounter Blog interview with Etta Castle Teague

HL: You’re not a member of any of the local congregations around the area, yet I’ve heard you mention God here and there.

ECT: You don’t believe in God, Hard Lines?

HL: I believe in something.

ECT: That’s a start.

HL: I suppose. I can say emphatically, that I believe in meditation or prayer as you might call it.

ECT: The two are not mutually exclusive.

HL: So you pray often, then?

ECT: (Laughter) I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. Prayer is a powerful weapon. That being said, it’s dangerous in the wrong hands.

*          *          *

Clive sat alone again in the sanctuary. The mall had been so deserted that he could hear the hollow echo of his breaths bouncing off the chapel walls. No one had been around since that morning, since the ascension had been hijacked, and the sequence completely disrupted.

His life had been disrupted! Sure things were far from perfect at home with Tilly. Bills were mounting, the tension between them was thicker than the walls of Fort Knox, and then, him having to come out as one of the Seat holders of the Council didn’t help.

Tilly saw him as nothing more than a drunken liar who was drowning in his own hypocrisy. She had even gone as far to say it…in a letter. The treacherous Jezebel had left him high and dry last night and didn’t even have the decency to say it to his face. No, she left her words taped in an envelope to a bottle of whiskey he had stashed away. Reading it had nearly knocked the taste out of his mouth…nearly.

Everything had gone so deadly wrong at home and with the sequence. The Pulse had warned the Seat holders against such rebellion, It had warned them, and yet things had been completely out of their control, especially after last night. Clive didn’t know what to think, let alone do.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 19: Ascension Graveyard by Candice Coates

    1. 😀 thank you, Tess! I am aiming to make this a tighter telling of the story, so to hear it’s still good even though you’ve missed a few chapters is a good sign.

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