Chapter 16: Ascension Graveyard by Candice Coates

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Chapter 16

The Encounter Blog interview with Etta Castle Teague

HL: What made you want to be part of the Seats of the Silence? They are a pretty useless lot when you think about it.

ECT: They weren’t always. Mr. Albert is one of the original Silent Ones, or he at least was a descendant of an original Silent One. He and others like him were never fully affected by the Event Boundaries of the T.O.W.E.S Net. Why? Because they were older, young teens, when the T.O.W.E.S began getting more personal with humanity and calling them to ascend world wide, instead of in smaller, rural locations.

It all has to do with alien abductions, really. No on really knows when the first account of alien abduction was reported. I reckon that is when this all truly began. I’ll speak more on that in a bit.

Anyhow, the mind has to be fresh, new and impressionable in order for the lie of the sequence to be accepted. The T.O.W.E.S did other things to the older adults to make them comply.

Small children and infants, however, are more sensitive to the affects of the Yard’s event boundaries, where the programming first takes place. This is where people learn to forget, learn to acquiesce to abnormality, learn to not question, but silently lead themselves straight to the slaughter.  As I said, The Original Silent Ones were older when the T.O.W.E.S came. They don’t remember everything of the past, but they were able to maintain enough memory to recognize there was a threat and that the ascension was NOT normal.

HL: If that is the case, how have you managed to be as you are, more aware than even the older Silent Ones? It’s as if you’re not effected by them at all.

ECT: I was never programmed, at least not by the T.O.W.E.S, Their Net, or event boundaries. That doesn’t mean that I am immune to the Net and its frequency if I am in the Yard when an ascension is taking place.

Truth is…no one is completely immune.

 *          *          *

Etta had only driven a few blocks from the Mall when she had to stop and pull over. She stumbled out of her car, engine still running, emptying her stomach in a nearby ditch. She choked in a deep breath, batting away the tears that had blurred her vision, and dropped her weight on the curb, her teeth chattering. She couldn’t still her equilibrium.

Her eyes felt heavy, like they were flexing or worse, cramping. The strain was making her feel awful. Placing her head between her knees, she forced herself to calm down and her equilibrium to balance.

It was a frightening struggle.


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