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The Balancing Act: How to Balance Blog Life by Kristin

Hello, and welcome to this week’s addition of Wisdom from the Writer’s Journal. 
Today we have with us Kristin, the mastermind, and wordsmith of The Pursuit of Another Adventure: A Chic Lit Blog Not only is she a great blogger, but she is also an Indie author.
To find out more about her, you can do so by following her blogor follower her on Twitter

Without further ado, here are 9 things Kristin recommends for us to better balance our Blogging lives.

1. Get Up Early

Easier said than done.  If I get up one hour before I usually do to get ready for work I never have the excuse to not blog.  And when no one else is awake yet, you get a lot done.

The only way to get up early one day is to set an alarm and go to bed early the next night.

2. Pick Your Place

I prefer to write in quiet.  I like to be alone with my thoughts.  But some people like to be in busy coffee shops, hotels, and now I hear airports are great for people watching.

Some people get along well in nature where I will never dare bring my MacBook.  But you have to choose what’s right for you!

3. Set a Timer

It’s easy to promise yourself to stay put even if it’s just forty five minutes.  That’s ample time to get your mind going.  Even if you sit for five without inspiration, it will come to you.

4. Consider it an Event

If your blog/book/whatever is really that important to you, you will make a date with yourself to make time for it.  Everyone has time.  We only say we’re too busy when everything else is a priority.  It has to be a priority.

5. Stay in One Night

Some people are busier in than out i.e.: children, etc.  But the idea is to have a night where you set up your posts for the week.  Or you promise to write x amount of words of your novel.

6. Make Good Use of Your Time

It really depends on the lifestyle one has for all of these to work for you, so do what’s best for you!  But, if you have ten minute breaks at work, use them to devote to responding to comments and Tweeting out your promotions.

If you have an hour lunch and it drags on in a poorly lit break room, use that time to write whatever you can.  It’s also a good way to really take a break from your job because writing gets you out of reality.

7. Use the Same Computer Every time You Write

There was a time and by once upon a time, I mean last month, where I had three computers going.  It was a mess.  I work from home and I had my work laptop in my office, my old laptop next to it, my new MacBook on the side and I would have bought a bigger desk had I not been moving out of the country!

I wiped the old one out, gave my work computer back to my boss, and consolidated everything onto the new one.  For a while, I would sneak writing into my work laptop which isn’t a good idea because if you’re not smart about it or your boss hates you they will find it.

But I worked from home, there were just too many laptops on my desk!  Or, you have to transfer all these files over, you aren’t paying attention to character names, etc., and things get weird.  It’s better to have it all in the same place.

8. Sit at a Desk

You need to be focused.  Not in bed where you get tired.  That just hurts my back from the slouch-a-while-nestly.  Not at the dining room table where things spill.  Not at the coffee table where your partner is watching television unless you really tune it out, and not next to your bills, accounts, receipts, phone, email, and whatever else is open to distract you.

9. Second Drafts

OK I’m totally not guilty of doing these in a previous life (like my last blog).  I would get overzealous and post things immediately, like without reading them.  Because it’s a blog, not a novel, right?


That was fun in the beginning and if that’s what kind of carefree blog you want to have then I say go for it.  I don’t think writing is meant to be polished.  And I started my blog just as a whatever kind of thing but it morphed into much more once I got more serious about it.

I thought the seriousness would = not fun anymore, but it’s really not the truth!  I take time to do visuals now which is something I loathed.  I reread my stuff the next day to check for tone and add anything I may have thought of after.  But tone is a big one.

Sometimes I think I’m being funny and then I’m like, you just went very, very dark, dude lol.  This extra twenty minutes of your life will be the difference between good and better.


  1. Nice to meet you, Kristin. These points are all wonderful. On paper, they are brilliant. In practice–sigh–not so much. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Wonderful tips! Hopefully once I get out of the craziness of grad school I’ll be able to settle into a more permanent blogging schedule. I’m rather sporadic at the moment. 🙂

    • With all the projects I have in my lap, its been difficult for me too, but by God’s grace I am doing much better than before. I feel encouraged and challenged by Kristin’s suggestions. But I am to implement them to the best of my ability. 🙂

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