If Regret Had a Name: Flash Fiction Results for Monday’s Muse Writing Prompt May 2nd 2016


If Regret Had a Name: Flash Fiction

If regret had a name, it would have been Yellow Mustang. What had once been a thing of beauty, a big dream, and a fast ride, had turned into a short-lived occasion crammed in the back seat with nothing to show for it at first but a belly full of baby and a shot-gun wedding.

It could have been better, Audrey supposed. In the first place, she knew better. She was just shy of eighteen, had walked with the Lord since she was seven, but that night, nearly  twenty years ago, she walked right over the cliff of common sense and landed in a matrimony with a guy she’d pined for since she was thirteen but had only known as a person for the better part of three months.

Cade Bradshaw. She called herself in love. She was in something, but it wasn’t love. Not then….

Her daddy and brothers literally rested shotguns on their broad shoulders on the day of their wedding. Cade gave a whole new meaning to the color white, not to mention he was sweating buckets for being forced into marriage because of Audrey being deflowered and now in the family way. The alternative was jail since he was six years older than she was.

Audrey slid up to the car and let her fingers glide across the glistening body. The car was still beautiful. It had given her beautiful things, even if they had come out of a way that only God’s grace could carry.

Yes, she regretted her actions that night. But she knew God had forgiven her. What she regretted now was the loss. Cade was gone and had been for six years.

How does a man live all his life with a pin-prick hole in his heart and nobody notice until it’s too late? She thought if she could take back that night, then she could take back the aching pain of missing him that kept her from letting any other man get too close.

Cade Jr had even begun to fuss with her about it. “It’s time to move on, Mama? Daddy would want you to.”

Pinching her eyes closed, she sighed out Cade’s name. God had given her beauty for her ashes, had blessed her mistake those many years ago and proven His grace by given her a wonderful husband and three children.

But she just couldn’t shake the thought that if that night hadn’t happened she wouldn’t be there now, wishing for Cade’s warmth again.

Truth was she didn’t really  regret her past, she just regretted that Cade had been such a wonder that no man could even come close to filling his shoes. But she was willing to let a good one try. Cade would want her to.


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2 thoughts on “If Regret Had a Name: Flash Fiction Results for Monday’s Muse Writing Prompt May 2nd 2016

    1. 🙂 thank you, Tess. It wasn’t what I’d expected either, but when the story says go a certain way its best to follow lol. I’m glad you liked it.

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