Chapter 14: Ascension Graveyard by Candice Coates #SciFiBlogNovel

Ascension Graveyard..jpg 2

Chapter 14

The Encounter Blog interview with Etta Castle Teague

HL: You’ve referenced rabbits and kangaroos quite a bit. Is it some secret catch phrase, a code of some sort?

ECT: (Laughter) I suppose. Really it’s more of a reminder or mantra.

HL: Care to elaborate?

ECT: Sure. “Rabbits vs. Kangaroos.”  Mr. Albert came up with it and made it simple to understand:
  1. Rabbits are fearful things. They are always running away, always hiding.
  2. Kangaroos, because of the strength and power behind them (In their tails) can only move forward and NEVER BACKWARD.
     is never an option, no matter the threat
  3. A Rabbit’s blind spot is right in front of its very nose. It can’t see the reality before it.
     if it chooses not to retreat it will still end up a predators prey.
  4. Rabbits will leave their future to chance, to fend for itself while Kangaroos have pouches that guard what is most important. Inside they hide treasure and the hope for future life. Be like the Kangaroo, he’d tell me. Hide your wisdom,
     and treasures. Always keep Them guessing.
HL: I get it. Either you’re a winner or a loser, that’s pretty much the point here.

ECT: No, it’s less about that and more about choosing to be a victorious coward rather than a dead one. We are all cowards in some way. Either you are a rabbit or a kangaroo; dead or alive. That was Mr. Albert’s worldview and it has become mine. He gave me a stuffed rabbit when I first met him, only to later make me choose between keeping it or the new stuffed leather kangaroo that I had fallen in love with. “Rabbit or Kangaroo, Etta? You can’t have both, you can’t be both.” I chose the Kangaroo then and I am choosing it now. There are no rabbits here…Only Kangaroos.

*          *          *

Etta waited around as long as she could for Jørn. She’d even called him several times, each call going straight into voicemail. She knew it was a bad idea to even allow her mind to give any kind of thought to him. She recognized the danger that it could cause. So like other times, she tucked the thoughts and the brewing irritation into the icebox of her mind where it was completely out of reach. Then she put her attention back to the matter at hand.

The ascension was about to take place.

There were only a few short moments before all hell would break loose. The ascension pods had already broken away from their sprouted roots that now lay dead against the surface of the dusty, cracked ground of the Yard. Now the pods sat black and matte against the landscape, shielded by a lush tree line, just waiting to devour their human prey.

Etta took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She had already given enough sway to nervous jitters, so much so that she had poked herself in the eye twice with her mascara wand. In the end, she had gotten herself fully together, and was well dressed for the occasion. Sure, she was getting ready to take on an unearthly force, and she was on many levels scared nearly to death, but there was no turning back. She was doing this to for her tomorrow. Dressing up was reminding herself when it was all said and done, she was still Etta Castle Teague when tomorrow showed up.


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