Just Give it Time: Flash Fiction Results For Monday’s Muse April 25 2016


Just Give it Time: Flash Fiction

He wished he would pour faster. The cold had already seeped down into his marrow making him tremble. Part of him felt like the trembling was more from anger. He hated that he was helpless from the fall and hated more that he was the one who came to help him.

With stiff arms he reached for the thermos cup, nearly spilling it, his fingers were so cold.

“Careful,” Eric said, pulling the mug back from his grasps. Kyle narrowed his eyes but kept them from Eric’s. He’d been defiant enough he supposed. Instead, he stared at Eric’s hands that still held the hot drink out of his reach.

Kyle’s scowl deepened noticing the chewed fibers of Eric’s fingernails. It reminded Kyle of his dad.

As if noticing what held Kyle’s sharp gaze, Eric sighed, pushing the cup into Kyle’s hands. Kyle chugged it down greedily ignoring the burn of the salted broth.

“I’m not him,” Eric said flatly. Kyle stared at him and pulled the woolen blanket that cocooned him tighter about his shoulders, chasing away the chill. “I’m not your father.”

“I know that,” Kyle spat out. “And I don’t want you to be, either!”

“I’m not trying to be. But your mother, she–”

“She doesn’t need you! And neither do I! I don’t need you.” At the mention of his mother, anger boiled deep in Kyle’s belly and erupted outward. He’d had enough of her and her ‘friends’ she kept bringing around, and her promise that ‘this one is different.’ What made one different from the other?


Eric’s gaze drifted toward the foamy river he’d dragged Kyle from. Kyle hadn’t meant to fall, but the wood of the bridge was slick and the water was so cold and moved so fast…it didn’t matter that he was great swimmer. If Eric hadn’t gotten there when he did….

Eric said keeping his eyes steady on the water, “It seems to me that you need something.” He finally turned back toward Kyle. “We both need it, actually.”

Nostril’s flaring, tears burning the backs of his fourteen-year-old eyes with humiliation, he asked, “What’s that?”

“Time.” Eric let the words seep in before he said anything more. “You need time to learn that I love your mother and I am going to marry her.”

Kyle sucked in a breath, his mouth cracked open in protest but Eric raised a silencing hand as he continued to speak. “You also need time to learn that, although I am not your father, nothing like him, that I do care about and I’ll be here for you in any way I can, Lord willing. I need time to prove that to you.”

He pulled the mug from Kyle’s fingers and filled it again before handing to him a second time. He gave Kyle a crooked smile as well. “Just give it time.”


*These are my results for Monday’s Muse. To see the original prompt and rules, follow this LINK. 

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


3 thoughts on “Just Give it Time: Flash Fiction Results For Monday’s Muse April 25 2016

    1. Thanks! I love not knowing where the stories will go, but watching as they wrap themselves up. I think I need to write a secret agent story…I keep feeling the nudge whenever I start a prompt. Lol

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