Chapter 12: Ascension Graveyard by Candice Coates #SciFiBlogNovel

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Chapter 12

The Encounter Blog interview with Etta Castle Teague

HL: I can’t say that I am disappointed that you’ve gotten this far with things without the TOWES, as you call Them, knowing. I’m actually pretty relieved. Question is how did you manage to fly under Their radar for so long?

ECT: “We, the TOWES included, tend to only search for answers when a problem presents itself. To most that may seem logical, but we don’t live in a logical world, and They didn’t trespass upon one. You know how it goes. By the time a problem has made its grand debut in our lives, it has already prepared its next act, with several other cards up its sleeves, and by the time we start searching for solutions to the first fist to the gut, it is usually too late.

HL: Couldn’t agree more. It’s human nature and clearly extraterrestrial as well.

ECT: I like to think there is hope for us, though. Maybe if we, as a race, read more, we would be more inclined to foreshadowing, probabilities and building hypothesis. Good thing some of us learned early on how to plan ahead.”

*          *          *

Traffic was bad, very bad. Road rage and anxiety ended up causing several minor accidents, and a few curbside scuffles that the police had to break up. Baldwin had been right, it felt like the whole of Greenwich Pass was headed straight towards the mall, and not only the locals but people from within a 200-mile radius had made the journey as well. That much Etta had caught on the news. Every county assigned to the Yard of Greenwich Pass had been notified of the meeting.

There was absolutely no parking available, which meant she had to park several blocks away and then walk briskly just to make it in time to hear half of what Clive Meeks had to say. Had she known the local news would be broadcasting live, she might have stayed home. But then she had made Doris the promise that she would be there in person to show her some support.

She pushed her way through the crowd but had to stop halfway to Doris. If she pushed herself any further she would have gotten in a physical altercation. People just were not in the mood.

“Good thing Jørn decided to stay home.” Baldwin stared at the Greenwich Pass Prep P.E teacher. The man had all but threatened to toss Etta down the escalators if she tried to take his place in the room. Etta snorted in agreement. Jørn may have turned lily-livered during ascensions, but not when it came to Etta’s safety. He would have tossed the Hippocratic Oath of “do no harm” to the wind, and beat the man senseless right there in the chapel had he heard him threatening her.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 12: Ascension Graveyard by Candice Coates #SciFiBlogNovel

  1. This may just be Etta’s view, but we DO live in a logical world. Just a logical world composed of so much data that it is impossible to predict, reliably at least. And run by a logical God with a logical plan that he keeps to himself, except for sharing the grand arch of it and the end point.

    Don’t take this as a writing comment. I’m just arguing with your character.

    1. Argue away! I am still wrestling this piece into submission, and making peace with the fact I can’t force it to be something that it is not. I know I need to spend a bit more time explaining some of the mental poisoning that has happened to humanity within this story as a result of alien influence. My #1 goal, however, is to be able to write THE END before I hit the 4 year mark with this book. Again, I comfort myself with the knowledge that Stephen King started writing “Under the Dome” in like 1970 and didn’t publish until around 2010. 4 years vs 40…I’m doing alright time wise. That, and I one manuscript in Beta with another I am revising now that it has come back from Beta Readers. Spinning plates!

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