Truth Be Told: Microfiction Results For Monday’s Muse April 11th 2016


Truth Be Told

The kissing used to be the easy part, the walking away afterward was hard. Now just like the walking away, it had become the most difficult thing of all.

-“Cut!” The director called with a satisfied smile. At least someone was satisfied. Dana pulled away from…what was his name…Chris?…and let the wind sweep her long tresses into her face. She didn’t want anyone to see her expression.

When she first stepped into these roles, took her dream of acting by the horns, riding it into the sunset of submission and glory, she hadn’t thought she would be stepping into something more.

It was the more that made her ache each time her lips connected with another guy’s, each time she felt that comforting warmth wrap around her.

She hated to think about it for what it really was. It made her feel exposed. Worse, it made her think of herself as desperate.

Truth be told, she was.

She’d given so much, lost others, just to stand where she was standing. Sure she wasn’t a household name yet, but she was a rising star. She’d even landed an audition for a starring role on a television drama.

But all that pretending had somehow cost her a beautiful reality. She’d step into the more, the connection of a kiss and step away with the reality that she had nothing waiting for her and what she’d tasted was false.

She knew she could recover it if she just paused long enough to do so. Others had done so, so could she. Maybe she couldn’t have it all, but what she could have

Maybe she couldn’t have it all, but what she could have was a little bit more and that didn’t require pretending.


*Thank you for reading my results for Monday’s Muse. To see the original prompt and give it a try, follow this LINK.

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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