Dogeared: Micro-Fiction Results For Monday’s Muse April 4th 2016


Dogeared: Micro Fiction

He didn’t mean to stare, but he couldn’t pull his eyes away from the words running up her arm. They seemed to draw his eyes right into hers. 

Her rich, coffee brown eyes sparked with something welcoming. Whether it was attraction or curiosity he didn’t know. Still, he returned the smile that had begun to bloom on her lips,  adding in a verbal disclaimer at having been caught gawking at her.

“Forgive me for staring. I’m an avid reader. Words just about anywhere attract me.” He felt heat flush his cheeks, wishing he hadn’t used the word ‘attract’. If he meant to deter her assumed thoughts, that he was trying to flirt, he was failing.

Her smile widen and she even chuckled as if she was used to his blunder. Clearly he wasn’t the first to have had this conversation with her. Comments about her body art must have been like a frequently read book, the edges of the pages velvety and dogeared.

Silence swept between them for only a few seconds. She looked away and then back at him. Her smile was gone but the way the sun caught in her hair made the tattooed girl appealing.

She wasn’t his type, although she was unusually beautiful. At that moment, he found himself wondering what his type was.

Before he could come to a conclusion, explore the moment, she had risen and began to walk away. The last words of her tattoo whispered in his memory, die regretting the time you lost.

Hating regrets, he called out to her and followed when she turned, her smile in place again. He was an avid reader after all.


*15-minute writing time with 276 words…I’d have more if I would do the editing once finished. 😉 I hope you enjoyed my Results for Monday’s Muse April 4th 2016. To see the original prompt with rules, click HERE.

Dream. Imagin. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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