Well Worth It: Flash Fiction Results for #Blogbattle Week 56 & Monday’s Muse Feb 8 2016


Well Worth It: Flash Fiction

I didn’t care what anyone had to say. She deserved it, every icy, pin-pricking sting that hit her face and made her stupid blouse crinkle. I especially enjoyed the way her glasses sat eschew on the bridge of her nose, a nose that was begging me to sock her one.

I’d always been the ‘blessed child,’ as my mother used to call me, a stickler for coloring in the lines and following the rules. I was, indeed the predictable, safe, choice for just about everything.

But today, no, the last few months had worn my resolve thin as oiled tissue paper. And so, rather than taking several breaths and turning the other cheek, I acted on impulse.

The glass was already in my hand when Cassidy began to drip her poison from her ruby lips. I’d begun to image the color was from blood stains. She was a blood-sucker. She had an indiscriminate way of choosing her victims, hounding them with petty jibes, underhanded comments, and back-stabbing behaviors, all given with a smile as she wheedled her way up the corporate ladder.

Blood-sucker, straight from Hades. Cassidy Wellhagin was strictly unholy. Today, however, she had received a blessed baptism with an icy rebuke to follow. The red marks from where the ice cubes had thunked her in the forehead had begun to peak through her pale skin.

The staff cafeteria was eerily quiet, that was until I burst into a fit of laughter. I’m not quite sure if it was from Cassidy’s still frozen posture, the fact that I’d done something so out of character, or that my boss was approaching the two of us as if he were trying to defuse a hostage situation.

He even flinched when I sat the glass back on the table. “No worries, it’s all gone.” I offered him an assuring smile, said Cassidy’s name as if in thanks, before turning on my heels and heading towards the exit.

I had no hope of retaining my job one minute past that stellar moment. Assault is generally frowned upon at the workplace.

But the applause that followed me as I made my grand exit was certainly well worth it.


Better late than never, I say! Today is Blog Battle Tuesday, with the KEYWORD: INDISCRIMINATE and by GENRE: CONTEMPORARY, but I’ve decided to marry the occasion with a well overdue completion of a Monday’s Muse prompt from February.  Click Monday’s Muse to see the original prompt and rules. To read more stories by other Blog Battlers, or to join the challenge yourself, click HERE.

Dream. Imagine. Belive. Do. CONQUER!


26 thoughts on “Well Worth It: Flash Fiction Results for #Blogbattle Week 56 & Monday’s Muse Feb 8 2016

      1. Satisfying for the reader too! Remind me not to sit too close to you if we ever meet in the flesh – I might get some ice cubes coming my way – lol!

      2. Ahahahah only if you were on fire. Friends douse friends with ice water when they are a flame. Hey I have a request of you. I would like to start adding more Writing Tips to my blog, beyond my own and would like to do so via blog interviews. Would you be interested in being my first guest? It would make me so very giddy that I might catch fire.

      3. I’m on fire! Oh you’ve made my day! I think I’d like to post your wisdom on a Wednesday. Would next week be too soon? I can inbox you what I’m thinking of BUT I will bow to your muse for whatever you wish to share.

  1. It’s kind of wrong, but sometimes it is so satisfying to give someone what they deserve. I liked the ending of this, just walking away with that feeling of satisfaction and “who cares?” 🙂

    1. Lol it is kind of wrong but oh so tempting at times. 😉 And as to the ending, I think we’d all be happier if we learned to truly cut our losses and move on. Some things are truly worth that.

      1. I completely agree. I just wish it was that easy to do it in real life. Where you have real life consequences. :/

      2. LOL I think we make the biggest changes when we take the biggest chances even in the face of frightening consequences. I also think we don’r realize how often we do take these risks on a daily basis.

      3. I agree. Again. ☺and I like the way you’ve put it. The biggest changes from the biggest chances. Kind of poetic.

    1. 😀 thank you! I’m attracted to it myself. I also think it’s easier for readers to follow and navigate through which is important. I saw you made some changes as well. It must be spring calling us to do a bit of cleaning.

  2. I do this a lot….. in my head though, only in my head 🙂
    in the real world I will just be ice cold polite like and walk away, but in my head….

    1. haha! I think this is why we are so prone to writing, we are able to put this ‘in our head’ moments to words and life. Basically we change peoples names and let them have it lol

    1. 😅 I once had a coworker who was just down right awful. Because of her age, I gave her a bit more respect and held my tongue. Having heard a teaching about dealing with difficult people I made myself focus on her ‘good’ traits, like, she always has the cleanest shoes lol. Eventually my patience and boundaries won her over by the grace of God lol

  3. Dumping an ice bucket over someone’s deserving head, yes I may have thought it but would never do it, lol. But stories like these are a great way to imagine! 😉 Fab writing once again.

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