The Heart of Change: Flash Fiction

The Heart of Change

“I changed because of her. What I mean to say is that she inspired me.” The words of his own accounting rang true with the sheer expression of his new appearance. He was altogether different.

“Why?” Was all they could manage to muster. Awe had struck the words from their mouth. The old ‘him’ was wonder enough, but perhaps that familiar wonder had become as a cage–gilded in beauty, but confining in its rooted way.

If a smile could be felt like the glow of summer’s morning sun, draped in fresh dew, his countenance was the embodiment of such when he answered. “She simply reminded me that there was still more to me, that beneath the comfort of my usual, there was glory still left to be seen.”

With a delighted sigh, they whispered, “I believe she was right.”

THE END…or THE BEGINNING butterfly-997911_960_720

*Dedicated to Blondewritemore for her ongoing encouragement and inspiration. Thank you!


6 thoughts on “The Heart of Change: Flash Fiction

    1. 😀 Thank you so very much! The process of change can sometimes feel like being stagnant or ‘lost’ but praise God something as simple as changing a blog theme can fan the flames of creativity. That, and it’s spring which means clean things up!

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