Out of the Storm: #Blogbattle Free Write: focus word “Blonde”

Happy One Year Anniversary of #Blogbattle! To commemorate this adventure, we blogbattlers are sharing one of our favorite pieces from the previous year. I have selected my very first entry. To see the stories that other’s have chosen you can do so by following this LINK!

I came for the soup...

Hello, all! Below are my results to the #Blogbattle, hosted by blogger and writer, Rachael Ritchey! To check out her blog and future Blogbattles, visit her blog by clicking HERE! This week's word, "Blonde." I hope you enjoy my results!


“I haven’t taken a shower in years!” The sound of elation could be heard over the weak patter of the lukewarm rain water that funneled its way through the shower head. “I mean I’ve bathed and such when I came across enough water too, but this,” There was a pause. “This is fantastic!”

Ella smiled as she listened to the young man shouting out to her from her bathroom. She was glad to see he was up and strong enough to even go and bathe himself. He’d been out cold for three days, and then took himself another two and a half to even…

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20 thoughts on “Out of the Storm: #Blogbattle Free Write: focus word “Blonde”

  1. I joined the blogbattle the same week!! I remember this one…and after reading it, I felt soooo out of my league, lol. Glad I stuck with it, and I was able to learn from so many great writers like yourself!!

    1. Ahhh! You are such a great writer yourself! Thank you for paying me such a great compliment! I think we all feel out of our league. I think it only makes us better writers because it makes us work harder 🙂

      1. right back at you! I will be emailing you shortly. I have a question to ask about Nexus Gate. The journey of revisions continues 😉

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