Month: March 2016

The Impossible Romance: From Novels to Now Through Christ’s Example

The Impossible Romance: From Novels To Now Through Christ’s Example Women love the idea of an impossible romance; where the heroin, despite the circumstances, is still found to be worth winning, worth pursuing, worth redeeming by her unforeseen love, until against all odds he wins her heart and heals its brokenness. The recipe for most romance novels tends to stay upon that common thread. Women want to read about redemptive love. I believe this is why women are more open to accepting the grace, truth and love of Christ. He comes as the Hero of the ultimate, impossible, love story, sacrificing Himself for a bride who doesn’t know how to love him return, doesn’t see her own brokenness, or His value upon first glance. But when she, the bride, the heroin, you, does come to herself and allows His redemptive love, she finds her home in His heart where she thrives magnificently. Romance novels offer this balm to the unspoken ache that all woman carry. The bible says that we are not meant to be alone, that He …

See The Dream: A Quote

If the dream is inside you, it only means you were meant to bring it to reality. ~Candice Coates Our dreams are like eggs. Having one is the easy part. Giving it life is an entirely different story. Just like with an egg, you can either leave your dream idle, and nothing comes from it, or you can nurture it until it transforms into the glory that you always ENVISIONED it would be. Dreams, like eggs, take time to hatch. But in the end, time is all it takes.