The Very Same Ones: Flash Fiction


The Very Same Ones: Flash Fiction

My mother, grandmother, aunts, and even my great aunts and great grandmother, all used to say, ‘Never by a man a pair of shoes. They will be the very same ones they walk away from you in.’

I always thought that was rubbish, just an over spun wive’s tale or superstition that had been wickedly past down from generation to generation. It always made me wonder why we tend to pass down warnings of fear and negativity instead of positive reinforcement? I never had the courage to ask any of the matriarchs in my family about this behavior and never intend to.  I’m not much of a boat-rocker, but I am a listener…maybe even a spiteful listener.

So when I became an adult and entertained my first real life relationship with an adonis of the opposite sex I made certain during our short six month relationship to never by him a gift at all especially not shoes, that was until he became a bit clinging and time consuming with the whisper of marriage on his lips. I was only 19. He was 19. Marriage was something I wanted but just not to this guy.

Love is fickle when you are a teen toeing the line of your twenties. So what did I do? I bought him a pair of shoes. Suffice it to say, not a week later I caught him kissing a girl from English 101. I was shocked, not that he’d cheated with this particular girl, but by the fact he had done it…wearing the shoes I’d bought him.

I’ve had at least eight relationships since then, all of them ended on my terms, all of them walking away in my shoes, the very same ones I purchased them. Several gents were gifted the very expensive running shoes. I couldn’t wish them away fast enough.

I think however that like a cat has nine lives, I have run out of all of mine. Warren has been steady on with me for nearly two years and he isn’t whispering marriage he is shouting it so loudly that I think my ears are bleeding.

I’ve given Warren three pairs of shoes and in return I have gotten a parakeet, a orange tree and a three carrot diamond ring. I believe I am stuck…seriously. But that’s okay because I really like Warren. I love him. I think I’m afraid he is too good to be true.

I gave him a pair of running shoes for his birthday three weeks ago just to try my luck one last time. He just texted that he is thinking we should get a dog when we get married. He’s at the pet store, looking at puppies now.

What shoes does he have on? The very same one’s I bought him. He said he’d run over to my place when he’s finished.


NOTE: This story is INDEED FICTION. No men or shoes were hurt during its creation. :D

7 thoughts on “The Very Same Ones: Flash Fiction

  1. I misread the title, missed flash fiction and started reading. I was like ‘whoooa!’ and ‘Candice has been buying men shoes!’ and ‘how awful he cheated on her!’ – got to the end in a state and realised….

    1. Ahahahaha! Honestly as I wrote this I thought people might be confused…maybe I should put a small disclaimer at the bottom of this 😛 And No, no shoe buying for the men folk on my end. No sad multiple relationships. But yes to the adage. I’ve heard that in my family SOOOO many times 😉

    1. 😀 Thank you! I’ve missed you friend and that is my fault. I need to get re immersed in your blog world again. I am going to add a note to the bottom of this tale to make it clear its fiction…or maybe next to the title 😉

      1. LOL…I read the title, and it said flash fiction, it was just written so well in the first person I had to double check. I just saw your added note at the end 🙂

        I haven’t been around my favorite blogs either, life has a way of taking over sometimes. But so glad this caught my eye, it put a smile on my face. I saw it in my feed and when I read the line ‘Never by a man a pair of shoes. They will be the very same ones they walk away from you in.’ I was like, oh this oughta be good 😀

      2. 😀 I bet now if any of the women in your life talk to you about a break up you will find it hard not to ask them if they purchased their former beau shoes lol

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