Girl: Digital Gesture Drawing

Jester Drawing by Candice Coates
Gesture Drawing by Candice Coates

Girl: Digital Gesture Drawing

I am not one to do much or any drawing on my tablet for that matter, but today as I sat with my tablet in hand I just couldn’t resist. I am one of those people you tends to see the something in strange objects; be it in the clouds, dust on a table top, or in this case, the shoe treads left in the floor rug. Goodness I’ve even seen images in spilled bottles of bubbles.

This image is, as with all gestrures, extremely rough. For one it was drawn on my tablet with my finger as I have not invested in proper stylus. Truth is I use my tablet to download and read books and little else. Well, there is the Two Dots game I play and the Duolingo app I employ to keep up with my language learning. The point is I don’t draw on it…until today really.

I just couldn’t leave the girl with her back towards me stuck in the floor rug. I intend to take her further, preferably through oil on canvas. But for now, here she is in digital ink, scrolled to life by the tip of my finger.

Dream. Imaging. Believe. Do. CONQUER!


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