Captive Hope By Rachael Ritchey: Book Release Blog Tour!


Captive Hope Book Release Tour!

Hello my friends! It is with great pleasure that I get to be apart of the Book Release blog tour for Captive Hope by Rachael Ritchey, the second book in the Chronicles  of The Twelve Realms Series.

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Everyone who signs up for Rachael’s newsletter will entered in for a chance to win 1 of 3 randomly drawn prizes:
  • 1st: ebook of Captive Hope & choice of one from a host author 0b85353f-e1fb-4b46-bb71-eb7c03e26006
  • 2nd: ebooks of Captive Hope & The Beauty Thief
  • 3rd: ebook of Captive Hope
The window for signing up will start Wednesday, January 20 and be open until Wednesday, February 10th. Rachael will announce the winners on her blog on February 11th and email the winners directly, too!
Captive Hope can be purchased on ebook through all major retailers including, but not limited to:
Paperback and hardbound are available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
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Want more? Here is an EXCERPT from Captive hope!

The following excerpt comes from the first chapter and illustrates an aspect of Lady Idra and Sir Ahmad’s close friendship. To set the scene, Idra needed to escape the confinement and incessant gossiping at High Castle, so with only a groom to accompany her she has escaped the city, galloping on her horse through the fields outside the walls. But while stopped to rest, Sir Ahmad arrives, sends the groom back to the castle, and requests Lady Idra come at the summons of High Prince Theiandar. The request is uncommon, and she couldn’t refuse him even if she’d wanted. They have just mounted their horses and are on their way to meet the prince.

“You picked the perfect time to ride out. It looks as though it may rain again soon.”

“Yes. The rain has been rather more than I am used to. Taisce’s autumn rains tend to hug the mountains.”

“Do you miss Taisce?”

“Every day. But Sir Ahmad, you really mustn’t ask me such things. I find I cannot keep a secret from you. Let’s talk of something else. You mentioned the emissary from Emlyn. I’d heard a messenger arrived, but I admit I’ve contemplated several possibilities for his presence. Tell me, do you see us going to war with the Crescents?”

“You’ve been listening to the gossips.”

She cocked her head and gave him a mock look of chastisement. He winked, and she fancied the idea of giving his arm a playful tap but didn’t.

“No, not a bit, though gossip does abound here. Still, you must allow there have been several messages sent back and forth of late. It only makes sense, seeing as how Emlyn is our realm closest to the Crescent Cave Nation.”

“You are as observant as you are lovely, my lady.”

Idra hid her blush by looking across the meadow. It was rare anyone ever commented on her attributes, let alone complimented her, and Ahmad was reserved with such things. He tended to be forthright. She wasn’t quite sure she believed his words were anything other than a gallant nicety, but it didn’t stop her from wishing they meant more.

“You, sir, are attempting to avoid my question.”

“You see, observant,” he said in a teasing tone. “I’ll answer your question, even if it is complicated. I’d like to say we won’t ever go to war with the Crescents, but as things stand, war is very much a possibility. In fact, it is one the king takes seriously. Much depends on a course of action which he is not ready or willing to enforce.”

“I see. Or should I say, I think I see. Is there anything I should do to prepare?”

They were near to the castle gates, and Idra lamented the hasty passing of time. It had been a most pleasant moment, but not all things in life were meant for her pleasure.


*   *   *
0e23cf23-1e32-42e9-8af3-f02485595a46Rachael Ritchey is the author of the Chronicles of the Twelve Realms, a YA fantasy fiction series set in a medieval era. Her passion for writing stems from her appreciation of history, since our world is built on stories, true and imagined. Rachael writes with teens in mind, because she wants her own kids to be proud of her work and be able to share it with their friends. She’s a wife and a mom to four amazing kids. Rachael and her family live in Eastern Washington where there’s plenty of inspiration to dream up exotic worlds, both real and fantastical. 


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Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

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