What She Said: Flash Fiction Results For Monday’s Muse Jan 11th 2016

Results for Monday's Muse Writing Prompt are in! To see the original post you can do so by following this LINK.


What She Said


Slurping, he sucked in his lips cooling them with his tongue, dropping the spoon back into the bowl with an unintended but dramatic splash. Looking forward, his heart all but stood still. The soup had burned his lips almost as badly as her words just had.

“I-I’m sorry. What did you just say?” He reached for his napkin and methodically dabbed his mouth, his eyes fixed on a nondescript spot on the table as he perked his ears to listen.

“I said I know who you are.”

That’s what he’d thought he’d heard her say. His eyes stared coldly at her back, the white hot glare of the sun from the window made her look as nothing more than a dark silhouette, a demon come calling for payment.

She turned around and faced him, her arms drawn tightly around her middle. Washed in black or not, he could still see the tension in her shoulders. She was afraid…of him. That was good at least.

She said, “Generally what happens when a liar is found out, I have them removed from the premises. There’s a lot of paper work and legal dribble involved. Its usually not pleasant for those who find themselves in your position. The liars that is.” He could feel her eyes staring hard into his.

Odd, for a frightened woman she was very forward. He kept her gaze but allowed himself to take in the sounds from around his office and out side the doors. It would stand to reason that if she truly knew who he was then she would have a small army waiting just outside the door. Odder still, none of the sounds outward were any different from any other day.

“Your name isn’t Wallace Dayworthy. I know of another name but I don’t want to be too presumptuous. What is your name exactly? ” She tilted her head.

He leaned back. If this was a stalling tactic, which he doubted, or a game of cat an mouse, he was definitely drawn in. Fear, questions, knowledge, but her standing right there in the room, not moving, not leaving, knowing or at least believing she knew who he was was extremely attractive to his condition.

“Why?” Was his simple response.

The tension in her shoulders shifted as she pulled her arms from her chest and gripped the window sill until her knuckles were nearly white. “If you are who I know you are, then,”

“Then what?” He had a bit of growl to his voice. It wasn’t intended, but the scent of fear drew him out. She either needed to show her hand or let him leave without any scene being made. It would be bad for everyone if there was a scene. Bloody bad.

“Then I need your help…Tribecca.”

His name, his hidden name, shivered from her lips, laden with desperation. He all but flinched but not just from her calling out his name.

His attention perked with what she’d said. This was a first. Someone needed his help.

The End…I suppose…maybe


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